Pebble + RunKeeper

Pebble + RunKeeper

The most-successful Kickstarter project ever.

We’ve talked a lot about Pebble lately. For those who missed our coverage on the “infinitely-customizable” e-paper watch, you can catch up here.

For those of you already up to speed, today we’re here to tell you about the latest announcement regarding Pebble’s development. It arrived earlier this week by way of an announcement by workout tracking service RunKeeper.

Highlighting the immense crowd-sourced support the project had already received, and further noting their commitment to delivering the best ‘smartwatch’ on the market, Pebble Technology (Allerta) this week announced official support for RunKeeper – complete with a specially-designed app which will take advantage of your iPhone or Android smartphone’s built-in GPS chip to provide Pebble with the necessary data to allow the tracking of your daily workouts.

The RunKeeper app uses the built-in GPS on your phone to track your progress as you run, cycle, walk, hike, and generally move around. It crunches that data and gives you statistics like speed, average pace, elapsed time and more.

Here’s what RunKeeper’s Jason Jacobs had to say on the deal:

Well, when Pebble approached us about integrating with RunKeeper, we loved the idea. We know that many of you are always looking for ways to make your fitness tracking easier, and with Pebble integration, you won’t ever have to pull the phone out of your pocket or armband – you can just see and do everything you need right from your watch (which connects with the phone via bluetooth). Not to mention that quite a few of you have been requesting it in our support forum as well.

Into sports himself, Pebble Technology’s Eric Migicovsky highlighted that he was most excited about the future potential this partnership would bring to the Pebble in regards to being able to see “instant workout data,” at a glance.

“I love using RunKeeper for bike rides around Palo Alto, but I’m also excited to use Pebble + RunKeeper during some cross-country ski trips next winter! I can’t wait to be able to glance down at my wrist and see instant workout data without having to dig out my phone,” Migicovsky wrote.

News of the new partnership with the fitness tracking service follows on from the company clarifying questions surrounding warranty on the final shipped product, with the firm announcing it will be offering a warranty for “all Pebbles sent out to backers.” However, they are “still working on the exact details of this warranty.”

In light of its recent success, Pebble has also purchased itself a billboard on U.S. Route 101. Although, (despite recent reports claiming otherwise), it is not thought the company used money earned from crowd-funding service Kickstarter to make this happen … partly because the firm is reportedly yet to have received any of the money raised (so far).

In response to my initial concerns on how much the renting of this highly-visible billboard may have set the company back, CEO of @ADstruc(the firm who made it happen)John Laramie (@JLNY) replied, noting:

“[It's] not even close to as much you might be thinking.”

Having already raised $8,483,212 (and counting) from 56,638 backers – (set to be paid out when the project’s search for funding officially ends on May 18 at 11PM EDT) – Pebble is now looking for developers who might be interested in developing apps for the product to sign-up and mark their interest.

If you happen to be a developer and are interested in possibly developing new apps – (or adding support for Pebble to your existing apps) – which may just shape the future of Pebble as a whole, be sure to head over to this page.

If you just need a place to talk about Pebble with other backers, the Official Pebble Forums are now open for business.