Text Editing On iPad. Done Right. – [VIDEO]

Text Editing On iPad. Done Right. – [VIDEO]

As a person who spends his days writing and editing text, I think it’s fair to say that I sympathize with the thought that text-editing on the iPad currently sucks.

Sure, there are a number of applications already available on the App Store which aim to lessen the frustration of editing text on devices such as the iPad, but these just mask the issue. The real issue is with iOS and how it allows the user to text-edit.

Luckily, YouTube user danielchasehooper has similar thoughts and this week decided to post a video of a concept text-editing method that is so intuitive, I believe it could make the cut for iOS 6.0(providing Apple is listening, that is).

The method Daniel proposes Apple implement is quite straight-forward, really. Instead of users having to drag the on-screen cursor around with their finger to edit the text shown, Daniel suggests that Apple instead implement a number of tap and swipe gestures to be performed on top of the on-screen keyboard area, making text selection and moving the on-screen cursor a quicker exercise than it currently is.

The method proposed consists of the following three gestures:

- Drag with one finger either left or right to move the cursor
- Drag with two fingers either left or right to move the cursor faster
- Hold shift and drag with two fingers to select text (in any direction)

Check out the video above to see the concept in-action, and – if you think as highly enough of it as we do – get yourself over to bugreport.apple.com and request that Apple implement this text-editing method in the next iteration of its iOS operating system.

Specific instructions on how to do that at the source link.

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