Apple Places 17th Among The Fortune 500

Apple Places 17th Among The Fortune 500

Publishing its annual look at the world’s most-powerful 500 companies, Fortune Magazine this morning revealed that Apple currently sits in 17th position among the collection of super-wealthy firms. Apple previously ranked position 35th in the list.

Said to have achieved revenues reflecting $108,249.0 and profits of $25,922.0 for the period inspected, Apple now sits smack-bang between CVS Caremark (Revenues: $107,750.0) and J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. (Revenues: $110,838.0).

Citing that the firm had “emerged” from last October‘s tragic passing of Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs, by showing that it had been in “no perceptible way weakened,” Fortune highlights that Apple “nearly doubled” earnings per share last year, which also ultimately led to the offering of the company’s first shareholder dividend since 1995.

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/ Fortune 500 (Full List) via AppleInsider