Evernote Acquires Penultimate

Evernote Acquires Penultimate

My personal go-to app for note-taking on the iPad was over the weekend acquired by note-taking service Evernote. Originally making its debut on the iTunes App Store on April 15, 2010, Penultimate by Cocoa Box Design first made impressions due to the sheer fluidity of its digital handwriting engine.

Appearing as real ink – (with a dousing of intelligent pressure techniques to simulate a pen-like experience)Penultimate was perhaps the first real app on the App Store which could be considered a notebook substitute. Providing users with the ability to create separate notebooks dependent on their personal needs, Penultimate has proven to be useful in a whole number of fields for a variety of people.

Now the App Store’s 4th-downloaded iPad app of all-time, here’s how Evernote intends to use Penultimate and its writing engine in future versions of its own note-taking ecosystem.

More that simply bringing the app into the Evernote stable, the deal will see Penultimate (blessed with the accolade of 4th most downloaded iPad app of all time back in March this year) developed for a wider range of platforms and devices. Evernote also plans to use the acquisition of the app, developed by San Francisco-based Cocoa Box, to bring improved handwriting recognition to the Evernote service itself.

Evernote can already recognize handwritten text in scanned documents, while the company also licenses this technology to third parties via its Ritescript division. Today’s acquisition opens up the possibility of allowing you to write with your finger or a stylus directly into Evernote apps in the future. Penultimate already supports the saving of notes into your Evernote account.

Those who love Penultimate though shouldn’t worry too much, as Ben Zotto, original creator of the application is reportedly set to join the crew at Evernote to continue working on improving the app for new and existing users. Not only that, but – according to TNW – Evernote has confirmed that Penultimate will remain available for download as a separate app, despite the acquisition – which is great.

Meanwhile, Evernote will take advantage of the writing engine current users of Penultimate love to further enhance its own note-taking offering, with the overall goal being to provide an ever-more realistic note-taking experience.

News of this latest acquisition follows Evernote’s purchase of digital sketching utility Skitch back in August of last year.