AAPL Could Reach $2000 Per Share By 2015, Says Analyst

AAPL Could Reach $2000 Per Share By 2015, Says Analyst

Independent analyst Andy M. Zaky this week highlights that – having looked extensively into Apple’s TTM (Trailing Twelve Months) – he expects the company could be set to almost triple its share value in the next three years.

Citing continued iPhone growth as the catalyst behind this bold prediction, he notes that, by Q4 of 2015 Apple could be sitting with a per share valuation of $2043.44.

This figure, Zaky says, is largely based on Apple’s current TTM which reflected $569.18 after closing yesterday – and, if it remains the same, could see AAPL carrying a market cap of close to 2 Trillion Dollars by the end of 2015 — a world first.

“I’m fairly confident about these numbers. Here’s what I think will guide that: Q1 2013 = 55 million iPhones shipped. Q1 2014 = 80 million iPhones shipped. Q1 2015 = 110 million iPhones shipped.” Zaky wrote.

Zaky’s bullish estimates for the future of AAPL follow on from estimates by a number of other industry analysts, most of who predict the value of Apple as a company could hit $1,000 per share by this time next year.

If it does, Apple at that point may also see itself become the world’s first $1 Trillion Dollar company.

/ AppleInsider