Briefly: Pebble Rewards Run Out With 9 Days Remaining

Briefly: Pebble Rewards Run Out With 9 Days Remaining

Earlier this week you may remember we told you that Pebble Technology had limited the number of watch units it was going to allow those backing the project on Kickstarter to pre-order, to just 85,000 units. Having accepted just over that amount to account for the few who had shown interest over the past 24-hours, Pebble’s ‘smartwatch’ has essentially now sold out.

We say essentially as – if you’re really lucky – you might just catch someone who has had second thoughts on the whole thing, ditched their pledge, and freed up a space for you to get in on Pebble – (there have been a number of instances today where this has happened, albeit briefly). Officially, however, all physical rewards originally offered by the company to backers are now accounted for.

With 9 days to go before the project officially comes to an end, Pebble had been backed by 66,160 people at the time all of the firm’s pledged rewards sold out, leaving potential backers who may wish to show their own support for the project the ability to continue pledging without receiving a reward, if they so choose.

At the point Pebble closed off pre-orders on Kickstarter late last night, the company had achieved $10,159,903 in funding — a sum the now ten-person start-up is expected to begin to receive, later this month.

News of the project’s global success follows the firm announcing that it will be offering Bluetooth 4.0 support inside the final product, (alongside the previously pledged Bluetooth 2.1 support), which Pebble says should ensure the device is future-proofed to a certain extent.

Didn’t manage to get in on the first round of Pebbles? — Fear not, as Pebble will be making its e-paper iPhone and Android smartwatch available for retail pre-order on May 18. In the meantime, if you’re looking to get up-to-date with all things Pebble, we suggest you sign-up for the mailing list – here.