An Interview With Stefan Esser (@i0n1c)

An Interview With Stefan Esser (@i0n1c)

Stefan Esser – Jailbreak Developer and Hacker

Stefan Esser – (otherwise known as @i0n1c) – this week took the time out to speak with the guys over at iSpazio, regarding his thoughts on the jailbreak community and the people that currently occupy it.

During this interview, Esser revealed that he has no interest in piracy or the people who condone such activities, but instead believes the community is suffering from something “far worse” …

That being, leeches:

I think the “jailbreak community” is suffering from something far worse: it is “contaminated” by leeches who do not consider other people’s work and the effort needed to create some things.

Esser continues, noting that the sense of self-entitlement some people are under the illusion that they have over both jailbreak methods developed – and the people that develop them – is staggering:

You realize how delusional people are like that when you get messages such as: “Without us you are nothing, we follow you on Twitter and we’ve made [you] famous,” and then there are messages like, ‘Take him to follow a lesson. “

Noting that he initially could “not believe the amount of anger and demands from the people,” he notes that, “once it goes beyond the initial shock, [you] just keep doing what [you] want [to do].”

Esser’s words should ring aloud in the ears of the community, especially given previous reports that suggest Geohot may have left the jailbreak community for similar reasons to the ones stated above.

Head over to iSpazio to read the interview in full.