Flipboard 1.9, Live. Here’s What’s New!

Flipboard 1.9, Live. Here’s What’s New!

Announced via the Official Flipboard Blog, the social magazine company today announced the release of Flipboard 1.9. Most notably, this update includes full support for the listening and sharing of audio content, including sleek integration with the likes of SoundCloud, as well as providing a selection of recommended audio feeds which you’ll find in Flipboard’s ‘Audio’ category, and more.


- Connect Flipboard to SoundCloud and enjoy amazing sounds created and shared by your friends and people you follow.
- Explore dozens of recommended audio feeds in new Audio category in the Content Guide.
- Accessibility for visually impaired people. Apple’s VoiceOver helps users navigate Flipboard and listen to articles.
- Fully localized Japanese edition of Flipboard.
- Use Readability to save articles to read later.
- View related sections for social networks (new on iPhone). For example, tap on the “Twitter” section title to view sections like “Your Tweets,” “Your Favorites” and “Tweets Mentioning You.”

The social news publication has also received improvements to make it more accessible to a wider audience, as the firm notes Flipboard 1.9 also includes accessibility for the visually-impaired and arrives carrying full localization support for Japanese readers.

Our Content Guide is now chock-full of some of the best sounds we could find. We’ve launched new partnerships with NPR and PRI and scoured SoundCloud’s massive community of sound creators to bring you some of our favorites—artists like Snoop Dogg and Diplo; music labels like Atlantic Records and Ninja Tune; podcasts from The New Yorker and Slate; and segments from shows like Radiolab and Science Friday.

For those that don’t have huge chunks of time all the time, you might be pleased to hear that Readability is also present as an option to save those articles which may interest you for later reading.

Flipboard 1.9 is available today, for FREE. The update weighs in at 9.6 MB and carries universal support for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, natively.

/ Image Credit: MacStories