Autodesk’s ‘SketchBook Ink’ Makes App Store Debut

Autodesk’s ‘SketchBook Ink’ Makes App Store Debut

Receiving mixed reactions from store customers, Autodeskthe current world leader in 3D design software – earlier today released SketchBook Ink for iPad.

Described as “an intuitive pen [and] ink drawing app,” SketchBook Ink‘s ‘resolution independent’ engine claims to allow users to “create beautiful line work,” later offering the ability to export these drawings as high resolution images.


- Introductory Tour Guide to help get you started
- Full Screen work space with support for any device orientation
- Retina Display on 3rd Gen iPad

Multi-Touch Interface
- Two finger pan & zoom navigation

Preset Ink-styles
- 7 different presets each with different line weight and behaviors
- 2 eraser types

- Color Editor & Color Picker
- Tap-hold customizable Color palette

✓Import a background image from the Photo Library as a reference

Export options
- Save up to 12.6 MP PNG images to Photo Library or e-mail.
- Save up to 101.5 MP PNG images to iTunes File Sharing or Dropbox
- Option to export as transparent PNG

- Store work-in-progress

“Retina” Display-ready and appearing rather basic – (further reflected by its limited-time price-tag of just $1.99) – the new application follows the release of the largely more well-accepted: SketchBook Mobile, SketchBook MobileX, and SketchBook Pro for iPad, each of which currently sit on the store with an average 4-5 star customer rating.

Note: As per SketchBook Ink‘s own store description, the application is not intended to run on Apple’s 1st-Generation iPad.