Introducing, RazorianFly Mobile Edition

Introducing, RazorianFly Mobile Edition

We’ve gone through our fair share of mobile layouts here at RazorianFly.

However, with our recent re-design of the main site, one aspect that remained missing was the ability for our users who may like to read us on-the-move to do so without having to load our entire, data-heavy layout.

Over the weekend we worked on a way to rectify this and earlier this morning we launched our new mobile layout. Based on the awesome “Breathe” layout by Themeforest’s xRicrdx(and still in “Beta” as we continually flesh it out to get it up to our own standards) – the mobile edition of RazorianFly is quick, fast and fluid – mainly thanks to its ‘Mobile jQuery’ engine.


Across the top of the mobile site we’ve provided navigation links to our ‘Featured’ section – which shows all posts we tag “Featured,” as well as direct links to everything ‘iPhone’ and ‘iPad’. We didn’t want to clutter this navigation space too much, as we felt the overall aesthetic look of the site when viewed in a mobile browser is also important to you.

We feel these three sections best cover the basics of what content we put out on a daily basis. However, for those looking for a little more, we’re currently working on adding a search field. In the meantime, heading to our newly-erected ‘Feeds’ section from your iPhone (or other smartphone) should allow you to find content relating to the specific category (or tag) that you’re looking for.


As you would expect, each article is accompanied by its thumbnail, date of original publish, and excerpt. There’s also a quick-link to see how many comments that article has received, and tapping this will also allow you to leave your own comment(s), if you so choose.


Speaking of comments – they’re now also optimized for mobile reading, too. Forget us making you load mobile-optimized versions of Disqus or some other commenting system. We thought it equally important to provide you with a super-fast way to share your opinion, and that meant an optimized comments section which didn’t rely on having to load resources from a plugin.

We hope you like it! – Feel free to leave a comment letting us know what you think. Also, we’d love to know how we can improve it for you. Send us your thoughts:

Alternatively, you’ll find us on Twitter at @razorianfly.

As ever, thanks for reading! – We greatly appreciate it.