Briefly: ‘Nest’ Hits Apple’s Online (And Physical) Retail Stores

Briefly: ‘Nest’ Hits Apple’s Online (And Physical) Retail Stores

On Monday, you may remember we gave you the heads you that you would soon be able to get your hands on Tony Fadell’s ‘Nest’ thermostat through Apple’s many retail locations.

Well, we’re mighty pleased to tell you that … today is that day.

As reported by The Verge (via Engadget), Fadell’s latest invention is now listed as available for purchase through Apple’s Online Store, with the photo above serving as evidence that the product is now also available from Apple’s many physical retail store locations, too.

As expected, the intelligent, always-learning unit – (designed to get a feeling for your daily habits over the time that you use it, then adjusting the temperature of your home accordingly) – is now available for $250.

Go and grab yours from Apple Online, today.