Briefly: Panic Pushes Out Diet Coda 1.0.4, Contains Fixes and Improvements

Launched just last week, Diet Coda aims to allow those web developers who are in need of a solution for editing their projects on-the-go a way to do so quickly and efficiently, using Apple’s iPad.

Complementing the recently-released Coda 2(allowing developers to view what they code in Coda 2 on their iPad, wirelessly, in just a few steps)Panic yesterday released Diet Coda 1.0.4.

Diet Coda takes everything we’ve ever learned about world-class web code editing, and wraps it up to-go. It’s packed with features, bathed in fun, ready to work.

So go on, take a vacation and only pack your iPad — you’ll get your job done, quickly and delightfully. It’s so good, you might never touch your desktop again.

Considered a small (but notable) update to the code editor, Diet Coda 1.0.4 includes several fixes and performance improvements which should overall make your experience of using Diet Coda a lot more pleasurable.


- A fix for a possible crashing when typing
- A fix for a possible issue when renaming files
- Improved reliability of editing hidden files

The release of Diet Coda 1.0.4 follows on from Panic issuing an update prior to this, designed at fixing potential crashing behavior when users selected either ‘French’ or ‘German’ as their language. The update also made it possible to see hidden files in Diet Coda’s file browser, also adding support for SSH keys to be transferred using iTunes File Sharing.

Diet Coda is available from the iTunes App Store for $19.99. Coda 2 for Mac, which is available from the Mac App Store, will set you back $49.99.

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