Pebble + iOS 6

Pebble + iOS 6

The world’s most-successful Kickstarter project – Pebble – has had quite a major flaw since its original inception. However, this flaw has nothing to do with the company’s original idea for the product, nor on the feature-set the firm intends to bring to the product when it eventually starts shipping to backers, later this year.

Instead, this flaw is simply down to Apple and its prior support of SMS data over a Bluetooth connection. See, prior to the announcement of iOS 6, Apple’s developer documentation noted that SMS message data could not be sent over a Bluetooth connection to any connected device.

This posed a problem for Pebble, as the watch is not only Bluetooth-enabled, but the smartwatch also supports this feature (without limitation) in connection with Android OS-powered devices. This, in turn, then caused Pebble to announce that SMS data would probably not be part of the package for the watch at launch – (in regards to connection with iOS devices).

However, with last week’s unveiling of iOS 6 – this may be about to change. While the company itself is still yet to announce anything official on the matter in regards to Pebble’s on-going development, a slide seen briefly during Forstall’s talk on the next version of iOS last Monday could mean support for the displaying of SMS message data on Pebble may be possible from an iPhone in the future.

Tucked away in the background on the main slide detailing just some of the features bound for the OS, were the words ‘Bluetooth MAP support’.

From Wikipedia:

[Bluetooth] Message Access Profile (MAP) specification allows exchange of messages between devices. Mostly used for automotive hands-free use. The MAP profile can also be used for other uses that require the exchange of messages between two devices. The automotive Hands-Free use case is where an on-board terminal device (typically an electronic device as a Car-Kit installed in the car) can talk via messaging capability to another communication device (typically a mobile phone). For example, Bluetooth MAP is used by HP Send and receive text (SMS) messages from a Palm/HP smartphone to an HP TouchPad tablet . Bluetooth MAP is used by Ford in select SYNC Generation 1-equipped 2011 and 2012 vehicles and also by BMW with many of their iDrive systems. The Lexus LX and GS 2013 models both also support MAP as does the Honda CRV 2012.

Responding to the flurry of iPhone backers noticing the feature’s announcement, Pebble CEO, Eric Migicovsky, wrote:

It’s pretty damn good news! – We don’t have anything to say yet, but probably more later this summer before Pebble ships.”

Pebble is available to pre-order today from for estimated delivery between Q1-Q2 2013, starting at $150.00 USD.