News Corp To Axe ‘The Daily’? – [RUMOR]

News Corp To Axe ‘The Daily’? – [RUMOR]

News Corporation(the media conglomerate that arguably controls every facet of the mainstream media as we know it today) – is reportedly set to put its digital publication ‘The Daily’ on notice, as the company prepares its assets in light of the firm’s recently announced split.

The New York Observer reports that internal rumours now suggest the company has already put the digital publication “on watch,” for a possible re-think at the end of this year.

In addition, there are internal rumors that The Daily has been put “on watch.” According to a source the status of the groundbreaking iPad tabloid—which loses $30 Million a year—will be reassessed after the November 6 election.

News that the ‘The Daily’ may suffer as a result of the firm’s imminent split follows a report earlier this week, which noted that Newscore – News Corp’s slightly “weird” newswire – had began staff lay-offs.

Still available for download (for now), ‘The Daily’ is an initial FREE download and was originally launched in February 2011. The publication – (now also available for iPhone) – is available for a weekly subscription fee of $0.99, or $39.99 annually.

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