Pocket (Formerly Known As ‘Read It Later’) – [REVIEW]

Pocket (Formerly Known As ‘Read It Later’) – [REVIEW]

The App Store is simply packed full of applications. Some great, some terrible, and some revolutionaryPocket definitely fell under the latter. It changed my way of internet reading and browsing for the better. Easy to setup, even easier to use, you’ll never forget to read anything again.

Pocket(formerly known as Read It Later) – is available on all your favourite iOS devices. If you’ve never heard of or used Read It Later before then the concept is simple. Pocket allows you to save things you want to read later in their little app for easy viewing when you have the time.

Pocket will lay out the items you save for later reading like a magazine – (sort of like Flipboard) – for you to read at your leisure. Many apps nowadays have the “read it later” option preloaded, so it will be extremely easy to setup and Pocket will still recognise these even if the developer hasn’t updated “Read it Later” to the new Pocket name.

Save anything at anytime for reading later

First of all, let me just say Pocket is simply gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. The colour scheme, the layout and even using the app is like a breeze. It all works. I’d never used Read it Later before and the Pocket icon actually caught my attention in the App Store. Normally I find myself reading what the app is all about but with this particular app I downloaded it and began messing around with it. Very soon after I realised and appreciated the true power of Pocket. It’s not just another news app – you can add photos, videos and pretty much anything you find on your internet travels. A few simple taps and Pocket will save it for later and sync it across any devices you have the app installed on. Simply put  - add an article on your iPhone and read it later on your iPad. It’s a fantastic concept.

As always when reviewing apps you’ve got to weigh up the good and the bad. However, with Pocket I found it extremely difficult finding any negatives. There are plenty of similar apps out there that do exactly what Pocket does — but for me, it feels so much better.

Everything about it was as described, and it all worked as it should.

Content saved will sync across all your devices

Pocket really is the app you need to have on your iOS device. We all find things that we want to read later, but always forget to go back to. Now you’ll never have that problem again. Download Pocket and never forget to read (or watch) anything again.

Pocket is available universally on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad – is FREE – and can also be used on your PC or Mac via your internet browser.

Do you use Pocket? – If not, what do you use in its place? – Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter.