Apple’s Next iPhone Rendered, (In 3D) – [VIDEO]

From allegedly leaked parts to an alleged, fully-assembled (prototype?) model, either Apple’s next iPhone is going to have a 4-inch display, or this is one hell of an elaborate red herring from Apple to throw competing manufacturers right off the scent of what it’s really building inside the confines of 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA.

We came across this super-short, (but admittedly cool), video over the weekend, which appears to show Apple’s sixth-generation iPhone rendered (in full 3D space), sporting the outer aesthetic features that were first reported by iLab, and that we’ve since come to see reported over-and-over again during the past serveral weeks.

Video right after this!

Neat eh?So, which one would you choose to own?

/ YouTube (Animated Visual)

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