Meet The Guy Who Turned His Home Office Into An Apple Store – [PHOTOS]

Meet The Guy Who Turned His Home Office Into An Apple Store – [PHOTOS]

David Wu – a self-apointed ‘disruptive innovator’ and ‘technologist,’ was an ordinary man living out an ordinary life. That was, until about 3-months ago, when Wu’s overriding love for technology reached new heights – resulting in him waking up one morning and wanting to completely renovate his home office.

The result? – Wu built an Apple Store-esque layout, complete with light-up Apple logo, a hidden mounted Apple TV, and even an interlocking Fetzer Maple Wood Desk (as seen at Apple’s retail stores)in his home.

Photos after this! …

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… And there I was, thinking I was an Apple fanatic.

Full set of photos available over at — Oh and, did we mention three out of four walls in the renovated office space are actually made from white undercoated glass?Yeah.

“The wall facing me as I sit is a non-reflective matt finish so I don’t have to see my ugly face as I work. But the remaining three walls are clear glass. 90% of the walls have a white undercoat to give the room a sense of spaciousness, with 10% in Ferrari red to add a little bit of life.”

Coolest home office, ever? — We think so.

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