These Redesigned Apple Buds Could Come With Your Next iPhone – [VIDEO]

These Redesigned Apple Buds Could Come With Your Next iPhone – [VIDEO]

Apple headphones have – in recent years – become a status symbol all in themselves. Shipped with every iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, the white earbuds first made their appearance with the introduction of Apple’s revolutionary music player, the iPod, back in 2001 – with a set of highly addictive, black-silhouetted TV spots.

However, since then, the buds which come with Apple’s mobile devices have largely remained the same. That, though, may be about to change …

According to vietnamese site Tinhte, come the highly-anticipated announcement of the sixth-generation iPhone on September 12(and its expected launch on September 21) – your new iPhone could ship with these re-designed earphones …

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Appearing to merge the idea of the buds which just sit in your ear, (and ones which actually go into your inner ear), the overall style of the purported headphones appears pretty legit.

In fact, the headphones even have Apple’s signature ‘Designed by Apple in California’ tagline imprinted into their cord — an aspect of the design probably tricky to fake.

This leads us to believe these might just be the real deal.

What’s your take?

/ 9to5Mac