What Could Be Apple’s Next iPhone … Was Just Turned On – [VIDEO]

What Could Be Apple’s Next iPhone … Was Just Turned On – [VIDEO]

Following that (likely ‘dummy’) iPhone model we saw at IFA yesterday, our friends at iPhoneinCanada.ca tonight report that another video has now surfaced, with the person in the video – (called Chris) – claiming to actually ‘turn on’ Apple’s next iPhone(with 4-inch display).

Whilst we’re not entirely convinced this is the real deal, given the device when turned on for the first time displays a ‘Connect to iTunes’ screen – (requiring the user to connect the device to iTunes using a wire), versus the self-setup screens which arrived with the launch of iOS 5, iCloud, and Apple offering users the ability to ‘cut the wire’ last year, there’s no saying that the device shown could just as easily be a prototype, running a previous version of iOS.

According to Chris:

“The prototype is about half an inch longer than the iPhone 4s, meaning the screen real state has increased considerably.”

We’ve embedded the video in question – (which compares the alleged device side-by-side with Apple’s iPhone 4S) – for your informed scrutiny, below.