Your iPhone 5 Preorder May Have Already Shipped. Here’s How-To Find Your UPS Tracking Number – [UPDATED]

Your iPhone 5 Preorder May Have Already Shipped. Here’s How-To Find Your UPS Tracking Number – [UPDATED]

Last week, you may remember we highlighted that a number of you who had successfully managed to order an iPhone 5 from during Friday‘s mad several hours of preorder frenzy, were also seeing your order’s status change from ‘Processing Items’ to ‘Preparing (or Prepared) for Shipment’.

Following on from that report, a number of people who placed their preorders this weekend are now also reporting that their units have actually shipped

The interesting part to all of this, though, is that these units aren’t showing on as physically having ‘Shipped.’

(credit: MR user, sulpfiction)

Usually, when an order reaches its ‘Shipped’ status, updates to provide you with a shipment number, which you can then use on the official websites of either FedEx or UPS to track where your shipment actually is.

Different types of order status (and their meaning):

We’ve received your order: We’ve received your order and will begin processing it soon! You can modify your order details once the order enters the processing status.

Processing Items: We are processing your order now. You can modify your order details through online Order Status, or by contacting Apple Online Store Customer Service.

Preparing for Shipment: We are preparing your item(s) to dispatch. While your order is being prepared, we are unable to modify your order details. We will email you a Dispatch Notification with complete order details once your order leaves our warehouse.

Shipped: Your order has dispatched! You will see track shipment button in 24 hours on Orders page.


However, it appears some orders which are not yet showing as shipped may also be able to be tracked, (at least, to an extent). MacRumors forum member, sulpfiction, is just one of those people claiming their order has shipped, explaining that they were able to use their phone number (or Apple order number) on UPS’s website to track their order.

Here’s How

1. Visit and head to the ‘Track by Reference’ section.

2. Login to, head to ‘Account’ and ‘Account Homepage.’ Next, find your iPhone 5 order, and your Apple order ID (or phone number).

3. Enter your phone number, or Apple order ID, into the ‘Track by Reference’ box on

4. If successful, your order details should show up, complete with your UPS tracking number. Note: This method will reportedly only work if your iPhone 5 order has actually been packaged up and is ‘ready’ to ship from Apple’s production facility in ZhenZhou, China.

If your details don’t show using the above methods, though, fear not — as this likely just means your order has not yet been packaged up for shipment from Apple’s contractor facility in ZhenZhou, and will likely reach this stage over the next 48-72 hours.

Considering the volume of preorders Apple is now expected to have taken over its sellout, pre-launch weekend, it would make sense that the company would want to start shipping these units to local (and international) delivery points as early as possible, if it is to make good on its original promise of Friday (launch day) delivery for ‘most areas.’

Tried the above method(s)?Sound off in the comments section to let us know how it went for you!