Apple Working On ‘Widescreen’ iPad With 16:9 Aspect Ratio? – [RUMOR]

Apple Working On ‘Widescreen’ iPad With 16:9 Aspect Ratio? – [RUMOR]

Following the recent design decision Apple took with the unveil of its sixth-generation iPhone, making the device’s display ‘taller’, but not wider, to accommodate a 16:9 resolution, (and thus the playback of true, 1080p HD video without those annoying black scan bars), speculation has now fallen to if Apple intends to make the same design change with its tablet – the iPad.

Currently said to be in its ‘prototype’ stages, industry analyst, Paul Mueller, notes that he has so far spoken to ‘at least three people close to Apple,’ all of whom appear to corroborate the possible ‘fact’ that Apple is currently prototyping several models of its iPad which carry a 16:9 aspect ratio.

“I have talked to at least three people close to Apple who say that there are new iPad prototypes that have a 16:9 aspect ratio. They aren’t talking about the upcoming iPad mini either.”

Mueller himself isn’t saying much else on the matter, but notes he should have more information ‘in the coming weeks.’ When The Examiner asked their own source at Apple, the unnamed source noted that “it appears that Apple is no longer against widescreen devices.”

What’s your take? — Would you jump on a taller, widescreen iPad if Apple was ever to introduce such a model? — and, if so: How much would you be willing to pay for this 16:9 goodness?

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