Apple Makes It Into U.S Presidential Debates – [VIDEO]

Apple Makes It Into U.S Presidential Debates – [VIDEO]

In response to a question regarding how America is going to convince big corporations, such as Apple, to move its product manufacturing back to the U.S, United States Presidential Candidate, Mitt Romney, and President of the United States, Barack Obama, this week both gave their brief opinions on the matter.

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Question: “Err … iPad, the Mac, the iPhones, they’re all manufactured in China. One of the major reasons is labour is so much cheaper there. How do you convince a great American company to bring manufacturing back here?”

Romney: “The answer is very straight-forward. We can compete with anyone in the world, as long as the playing field is level. China has been cheating over the years. One by holding down their currency … number two – by stealing our intellectual property, our designs, our patents, our technology, there’s even an Apple Store in China that’s a counterfeit Apple Store, selling counterfeit goods. They hack into our computers. We will have to have people play on a fair basis. That’s number one.

Number two. We have to make America the most attractive place for entrepreneurs, for people who want to expand a business. That’s what bring jobs in. The President’s characterization of my tax plan is completely false. Let me tell you …”

Obama: “There’s some jobs that are not gonna’ come back. Because they’re low wage, low skill jobs. I want high wage, high skill jobs. That’s why we have to emphasize manufacturing. That’s why we have to invest in advanced manufacturing. That’s why we’ve gotta’ make sure we’ve got the best science and research in the world, and when we talk about deficits, if we’re adding to our deficit for tax cuts for folks who don’t need em’, and we’re cutting investments in research and science that will create the next step, create the next new innovation that will sell products around the world. We will lose that race. If we’re not training engineers to make sure they’re equipped here in this country, then companies won’t come here. Those investments are what’s going to help to make sure that we continue to lead this world economy, not just next year, but ten years from now, fifty years from now, one-hundred years from now.”

Romney: “Government does not create jobs … Government does not create jobs …”