Apple Seeds iOS 6.1 (Beta 2) To Developers – [UPDATED X2: DIRECT LINKS]

Apple Seeds iOS 6.1 (Beta 2) To Developers – [UPDATED X2: DIRECT LINKS]

Just two weeks after the company seeded iOS 6.1 (Beta 1), (an update to iOS designed to further improve Apple’s ”Map Kit” development engine), Apple is tonight continuing its aggressive seeding program designed to refine the next version of iOS for eventual public release, by seeding iOS 6.1 (Beta 2) to developers of the ADC.

New Passbook Information Card – (click for larger)

Particularly notable in this release is the addition of a new information card which informs the user of what Apple’s new app “Passbook” has ultimately been designed for. This addition is notable for a number of reasons.

Firstly, because this small addition shows Apple is actually listening to feedback regarding new iOS 6 users seemingly not knowing how to use the app upon first opening it — and secondly, because of the card’s overall design, which is dramatically different to the previously included ‘information’ screen once seen when launching Passbook for the first time, further suggests Apple may be considering a different approach to UI design following news of Forstall’s planned departure.

Note: This is a pre-release version of iOS 6.1 beta for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. Devices updated to iOS 6.1 beta cannot be restored to earlier versions of iOS.


As noted by 9to5Mac, “Panorama” mode is back in this version. Previously, this functionality was temporarily removed.


Download iOS 6.1 (Beta 2) directly from Apple’s own servers.

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