Briefly: iOS 6.0.1 Fixes Issue Which May Cause Audio Streams To Double (Or Even Triple) In Size

Briefly: iOS 6.0.1 Fixes Issue Which May Cause Audio Streams To Double (Or Even Triple) In Size

PRX Labs has conducted research this week regarding just how iOS 6 handles the downloading of content hosted on a Content Delivery Network (CDN). For those unaware, a CDN is generally used to provide a better experience to the end-user by taking advantage of a distribution system which spans multiple datacenters worldwide.

As an example, RazorianFly currently takes advantage of an international Content Delivery Network to serve you, our readers, with the images that you see. The advantage of using a CDN is that these images are then stored by this delivery network, meaning they can then be delivered to you from a server in your local region, versus us having to force you to load those images, (for example), from a server hosted in the U.S, when you’re located in Europe, or the Middle East.

Noting that, based on their research, “it looks like the issue is iOS 6” – Chris for PRX Labs writes that iOS 6 appears to have an issue in which users may experience the size of downloaded audio streams continually increasing, due to the content being hosted via the CDN being downloaded to the device multiple times.

“The issue is a potentially major one,” reads the report. “The audio streams that are being pulled down by iOS 6 through a variety of apps including Apple’s Podcasts and others are being increased in size by a huge factor.”

“The streams are being downloaded multiple times as connection errors cause them to fire off a new session. And, the entire time that a stream is active, it is being downloaded over and over.”

As first noted by the guys over at TheNextWeb, this (potentially annoying) issue appears to be just one of the issues Apple has fixed with the release of iOS 6.0.1, which hit the wires on November 1.

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