Nintendo Releases Official ‘Pokédex’ App For iOS. More Paid Titles To Follow?

Nintendo Releases Official ‘Pokédex’ App For iOS. More Paid Titles To Follow?

Rejoice, Pokémon fans!

Joining the plethora of Pokémon offerings already available on the App Store, (and in a move which could signal more titles by the developer landing on Apple’s mobile platform in the coming months), Nintendo – in collaboration with The Pokémon Company – has today launched Pokédex for iOS.

Costing 170 yen(the equivalent of around £1.30)Pokédex for iOS marks the first paid title from the game developer, and could suggest other titles from Nintendo’s famed library, such as: Zelda and Mario, may too be heading to Apple’s mobile iOS platform – ‘soon’.

Tying in with the Nintendo DS titles ‘Pokémon Black’ and ‘Pokémon White,’ just as with the ‘Pokédex’ gadget wielded by Ash in the popular anime TV series, the new app aims to turn your iPhone into an electronic catalogue that can provide information and stats on all the various species of Pokémon featured in the original Pokémon video games, with just a few taps.

Users can optionally extend this catalogue of information with four available extension packs, which are available as in-app purchases. These packs are each available for 500 yen (£3.90), and, (once downloaded), add yet more types of Pokémon to your digital library.

Nintendo’s latest release follows the launch of “Pokemon Say Tap?”(a Pokémon inspired game)in July of last year. The app was available only to those in Japan and was completely FREE to download, before being pulled after a short period of availability.

Download Pokedex for iOS on iTunes Japan, today!

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