OS X 10.9 To Bring Siri, Maps Integration? – [RUMOR]

OS X 10.9 To Bring Siri, Maps Integration? – [RUMOR]

It seems only logical, right? – Well, that’s according to 9to5Mac, who this afternoon reports that the next version of Apple’s desktop operating system – OS X 10.9, (which has already begun showing up in server logs for some), may in fact be set to bring with it support for not only the firm’s intelligent personal assistant – Siri – but also support for the company’s in-house designed ‘Maps’ solution, too.

According to the report, early test builds of the OS appear to suggest Apple could be looking to extend the ‘Dictation’ and ‘Text-to-Speech’ features currently found in OS X Mountain Lion, to include a Siri-like interface with the ability to display information back to the user based on their questions or queries.

‘Text-to-Speech’ in OS X Mountain Lion – (credit: PocketLint)

Citing reliable sources as the origin of the information used in the report, the site continues, adding that “it is currently uncertain if Siri will be available [...] for all users,” once the OS eventually sees the light of day.

Siri on iOS devices is tied specifically to certain, newer iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches, so it is possible that Apple will make a similar decision for Siri on the Mac. However, Dictation, which uses a similar infrastructure and hardware resources as Siri, is available on all Macs capable of running Mountain Lion, the current Mac operating system that introduced Dictation.

Meanwhile, the site also claims Apple’s Maps service, (despite recent criticism from the pundits), may also be set to make its way into the final builds of OS X 10.9, “according to people familiar with early testing.”

The report notes that this integration is likely to be development focused for the time being, however it is “possible” that Apple could later extend the reaches of this MapKit framework to include Maps-based usage targeted at the end-user.

It is possible that Apple will want its own full-fledged Maps app on the Mac, but we have not been able to confirm that as of yet.

Perhaps interestingly, the report concludes that Apple is thought to have begun work and development of OS X 10.9 simultaneously with the development of OS X Mountain Lion, citing that Apple was previously said to have begun development work on OS X Mountain Lion whilst still working on adding the finishing touches to OS X Lion.

Apple is currently expected to publicly preview OS X 10.9 in February next year, with the OS’s public release likely set for sometime next Summer(June/July).