Puffin Web Browser Updates With New Flash Content Engine, Virtual ‘GamePad’, (and More!)

Puffin Web Browser Updates With New Flash Content Engine, Virtual ‘GamePad’, (and More!)

Described as being “wicked fast,” CloudMosa’s Puffin Web Browser is amongst the few web browsers available on the App Store today which claims to fully support the playback of Flash-based content.

As many iOS users will already be familiar, Apple’s mobile operating system doesn’t support the playback of Adobe Flash content out-of-the-box, with Apple’s stance on the matter being that enhanced web technologies, such as HTML5, are set to eventually replace Flash, and its current wish is to support the web of the future, rather than having to support a fading web standard.

Looking at the customer reviews left on Puffin Web Browser, you can see that the road to allowing users to playback flash content at a frame-rate which is widely considered satisfactory, has been less than smooth.

This is largely said to be down to the engine the browser was previously using to allow playback of this flash-animated content. However today, Puffin Web Browser has received an update which brings with it a whole new Flash engine that is aimed at “improv[ing] Flash display, [...] and battery life.”

To go alongside this, the new version of the browser now includes a virtual “GamePad.” This, CloudMosa says, can simulate both the ”arrow keys and buttons” needed to play online games, and other media types.


- New scroll to top/bottom button for fast scroll to end
- Fix bug that connection setup might keep failed in some case
- Fix bug that Flash contents always cover HTML contents
- More minor bugfixes and stability improvement

Supporting iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, Puffin Web Browser 2.3.3 is currently available on the store for $2.99, and weighs in at just 8.8 MB.

Version: 3.7.0
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