Hulu Plus Hits WiiU™

Hulu Plus Hits WiiU™

Joining the list of devices which now support the TV (and Movie) streaming service – (including Apple TV) - NBC, Fox and Disney-ABC Television Group have tonight announced the immediate availability of Hulu Plus on WiiU™.

Launched on November 18 in North America, (and finally making its way to Europe, later today), WiiU™ is a new style of games console from Nintendo which includes a separate remote that boasts a unique ability to show you both extended views and content, dependent on what game, movie, TV show, or other type of content you’re currently viewing.

The console is available in two versions. First there’s the “Basic” white-colored version with 8GB of internal Flash storage. The more premuium “Deluxe” black-colored version of the console carries 32GB of Flash storage, and also includes a stand and dock.

Watch Nintendo announce the WiiU:

As for specific integration with Hulu Plus(a feature Nintendo is loosely dubbing “TVii”), the company notes that its GamePad™ controller “removes the traditional barriers between you, and your TV” by creating a “second window to enjoy your favorite content.”

Nintendo TVii enables you to find, watch, and engage with TV shows and movies in entirely new ways.

In order to take advantage of these new features you’ll first need a subscription to Hulu Plus. You can sign up here for $7.99 a month — and the best part? … You can cancel anytime.

Hulu Plus is available as a FREE download on iTunes U.S. The same region-restricted client is also available for download on Google Play.

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