RazorianFly Instant (Beta): Instant Search For Apple’s Digital Content Stores

RazorianFly Instant (Beta): Instant Search For Apple’s Digital Content Stores

Let’s face it – Searching Apple’s iTunes App Store, Music Store, Movie Store, iBookstore and Podcast Store for exactly the item that you’re looking for can sometimes be taxing, especially if you’re looking for something in particular that you just can’t seem to find.

From apps which are only available in certain stores, to song or e-book previews that are region restricted, sometimes finding the item that you’re after can be harder than you originally anticipated.

That’s why today we’re introducing a new service called RazorianFly Instant. Designed for most modern desktop browsers, (with mobile support for iOS and Android devices in the works), RazorianFly Instant provides you with an instant search engine for all of Apple’s digital content stores.

Using RazorianFly Instant is simple enough. Just select the country (or region) you would like to search in, alongside the content category(Apps, Music, Movies, Apps, Podcasts, Audiobooks, Short Films, TV Shows, eBooks) – which you think will best suit what you might be searching for, and then begin typing the first few letters of the item, artist or developer that you’re looking for.

Without even having to hit enter, RazorianFly Instant will immediately begin searching Apple’s digital content stores for items which match your query, returning what it ultimately finds in a clean grid layout. Each item in this results grid is accompanied by both direct “Buy Now” and ‘Developer’ links, allowing you to go straight to the necessary content store to find out more about that item itself, or the developer of your chosen item. Plus, for the visually inclined, each item is also accompanied by its respected artwork.

As an added bonus, for Music, Music Videos, eBooks, and Podcasts, you’ll also find the option to “Play a Preview.” Selecting this option on any item will launch our built-in lightbox script, which will, in turn, provide you with a short audio (or video) preview of the content you’re looking to purchase.

Currently in “Beta” while we flesh the service out to our exacting standards, you can try out RazorianFly Instant today, by heading to razorianfly.com/search.

We simply can’t wait to hear what you think. You can send us your unreserved feedback regarding RazorianFly Instant to the usual address: tips[at]razorianfly.com, or alternatively, you’ll find us on Twitter at @razorianfly.