The Apple Logo Goes (RED)

Those perhaps unaware of what Saturday marked, will more than likely have been slightly put-off by the eerie red glow which was seen emitting from Apple’s many retail store logos worldwide.

The move was, in fact, not a publicity stunt from the company, but was instead an effort to focus the world’s attention firmly on World Aids Day 2012

Taking place on Saturday, December 1, World AIDS Day is a day which was designed to shine a light on the very real issue of the HIV/AIDS virus, which still to this day affects young and old, not just in Africa (where propagation of the virus is thought to be rampant) – but worldwide, too.

In a recent interview with the British Broadcasting Corporation, UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, told the publication that ‘there is still too much ignorance about HIV and Aids’, as new figures suggested 25,000 people currently living in the UK have the virus, but are not aware. 75,000 are additionally aware that they are infected.

Apple has long been a part of the Product (RED) movement, selling ‘red’-coloured versions of its many coveted products in an effort to raise funds for The Global Fund.

For those who are unaware — (as we recently noted with the release of Tiësto’s Benefit Album: ‘Dance (RED) Save Lives.’)The Global Fund is a public-private partnership and international financing institution dedicated to attracting and disbursing additional resources to prevent and treat potentially life-threatening diseases and conditions such as HIV, AIDS, TB and Malaria.

This latest move by Apple only goes to show the continued commitment from the company to raise awareness for the cause, and its generous supporting via sales of its Product (RED) items to move further towards the ultimate end-goal of an AIDS-free generation by 2015.

/ AppleInsider

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