The New Gmail: Redesigned UI, Multiple Accounts, Search Predictions, (… and More!)

The New Gmail: Redesigned UI, Multiple Accounts, Search Predictions, (… and More!)

Also receiving a major update this week is the official client of Google’s electronic mail service – Gmail. Bumped to version 2.0 earlier today, (and still said to be propagating to App Stores around the world), the new version of the client features a completely redesigned UI compared to the previous version – (which looks a lot like Sparrow, if we’re honest) – and finally introduces the ability to add multiple accounts.

On top of support for multiple accounts, Gmail 2.0 is a welcome update to Google’s official mail client in a number of other ways, as the update adds a variety of new additions that are bound to make your mail reading experience faster and cleaner.

The first of those additions is Search Predictions. Just as offered by Google’s desktop-based search experience, Gmail 2.0 for iOS brings with it the ability for Google to essentially guess what it is that you’re looking for, before you even finish typing your full query. This is great if you’re perhaps looking for a certain set of mails with the same subject value, as Google will now be able to show these groups of messages as a prediction to what you’ve typed, right within the app itself, before you fully finish typing.

Second on the list of new additions in this version is the introduction of ‘infinite scrolling’ in the app’s “Inbox” view. As some who use the app will already be aware, previously Google’s Gmail client for iOS took advantage of a system which saw you having to tap to ‘Load More Messages.’

With Gmail 2.0, this changes, to implement a more modern ‘infinite scrolling’ mechanism, which allows you as the user to see the messages located “below the fold” as it were, without having to do anything. You just scroll, and the messages are there ready to read – this is a nice touch.

If that wasn’t enough, the new update also ensures that you’re able to respond to any pending calendar invites that you have received inline, right within the app. This feature also links in with new support for more interactive Google+ posts, which can now also be viewed from the client.

Available today, Gmail 2.0 is a FREE download from the iTunes App Store, with the app still propagating to some regions – (so if you don’t see it yet — don’t worry, as it should be available in your region soon.)

Screenshots of this update have been embedded below.

Version: 1.3.5
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Version: 3.0.2
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