Briefly: Apple Confirms Duplicate Song Dectection Will Return To iTunes

Briefly: Apple Confirms Duplicate Song Dectection Will Return To iTunes

Those of you who updated to iTunes 11 when it made its official debut last Thursday, may still be making your way through the many new features the software has to offer. However, what you probably haven’t noticed as of yet is the apparent lack of support for duplicate song detection.

Previously included with iTunes 10.7, duplicate song detection was designed to allow a user looking to purge their music library of any duplicated songs, to be able to see all instances of these duplicated tracks in one easy to use interface. The user would then have the option to later delete these duplicated tracks both individually, or as a group, restoring their music library to a clean, duplicate-free state once more.

And, although iTunes 11 is notably lacking this feature, a new report by AllThingsD this week hints that Apple is already aware of this, and is now planning to issue an update which will bring back the ability to scan your music library for duplicates – soon.

Duplicate Song Detection in iTunes 10.7 – (Credit: MacGuruLounge)

Fans of iTunes will notice some omissions and flaws. The long-touted Cover Flow carousel of album covers has been dumped. The company says it found too few users considered it useful. A feature that finds duplicate entries is missing. Apple says it will soon be restored in a minor update of the program.

Also missing in the new version of iTunes is the company’s signature ‘CoverFlow’ UI. Designed to allow users to use the visual nature of the artwork which normally accompanies the songs and albums they purchase to quickly and easily scan their library for the track that they may wish to listen to, AllThingsD notes that the actual likelihood of Apple’s patented CoverFlow selection UI making its return in a future version of iTunes, is now considered very slim.

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