iOS Music Player Alternative ‘My Artists’ Goes FREE – (Today Only!)

iOS Music Player Alternative ‘My Artists’ Goes FREE – (Today Only!)

In October, you may remember I gave you my full opinions on Ecoute – a music player replacement for iOS which, at the time, I noted that I was “majorly impressed” with – (and I still stand by that today).

Joining that list of alternative music clients which are one day likely to replace the official iOS music player app – (at least for me, personally) – is My Artists. FREE (today only) as part of the “App of the Day” promotion, My Artists is described as an elegant music player with a “personal touch,” (and for good reason)

My Artists is ‘personal’ in the sense that it integrates with your own music library, learning what you like to listen to. Powered by data and images taken from, with playlists taken from 8tracks, song previews from iTunes, and videos from YouTube, My Artists builds an immersive experience allowing you to not only to listen to the music you love more easily, (and with more available listening options), but also giving you information and background on the artists who ultimately make this listening experience possible.

Complete with personalized online radio stations easily accessible with an internet connection, and providing artist photos, videos, biographies, discographiesand more, My Artists takes the otherwise stagnant and “lineal” listening experience offered by Apple’s official iCloud-enabled music client and builds upon it, for a more friendly and socially-connected experience.

Gesture driven, (using most of the one and two finger gestures Apple originally debuted with the release of iOS 6), My Artists supports both iPhone and iPod touch, natively, and is available FREE for a limited-time only.

Grab your copy here.

Version: 2.5.2
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