Retro Crowd: ‘Devil’s Creed’ Debuts On iPad – (FREE For A Limited Time!)

Retro Crowd: ‘Devil’s Creed’ Debuts On iPad – (FREE For A Limited Time!)

Yuheng Software has tonight released its epic role-playing action adventure title – Devil’s Creed – on Apple’s iPad. Hitting Android OS for the first time back in mid-October, the side-scrolling retro anime-style RPG sees players take the role of the Devil King, as he once again aims to defeat the invading human troops, and usher in a 100-year-long peacetime.

Peace or ruins? — The young Devil King will tell …


- Perfect fit full range of models, simple and smooth operation, and a huge amount of content and level design:
- Perfect fit all iphones (including iphone 5), ipod touch, and ipad.
- Various resolution full-screen display.
- Great controls, you will learn right away.
- Large Contents, playtime up to several tens of hours.
- Lots of different locations to explore.
- Epic boss battles!
- Rich and unique design of the monsters, nearly 100 different monsters.
- Unique skills talent system.
- Similar to World of Warcraft’s achievements system.
- Strong and unique weapons systems:
- Dead gorgeous combo – Soul edge
- Hell devil’s claw – devil fist
- High technology – the magic gun

Featuring vibrant, “Dragon Ball Z”-esque visuals, and a touch-based navigation control system, Devil’s Creed for iPad weighs-in at 49.9 MB and is available FREE for a limited-time.

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