Pebble Officially Announces SMS (And iMessage) Support For iPhone – [VIDEO]

Pebble Officially Announces SMS (And iMessage) Support For iPhone – [VIDEO]

Publishing Update 25 to its official Kickstarter page this evening, Pebble Technology has confirmed (once and for all) what we imagine most iPhone-wielding backers who originally pledged their support to the interactive watch campaign have been pondering to themselves.

The question: Will Pebble support the receiving of SMS alerts from iPhone?

Well, the answer to that question is: Yes. Publishing a video of the feature working as proof of their claims, the team at Pebble Technology write that they’re “so proud to announce that Pebble now supports receiving SMS and iMessage notifications from [both] iPhones, and iPod touches.”

Once Pebble ships, the new feature will require your iPhone or iPod touch to be running iOS 6 before it can receive these types of alerts, but Eric and the team note that older devices running iOS 5 won’t be left out too much.

“For this feature to work, you will need to have iOS 6 installed on your iDevice. It’s a free upgrade from iTunes available for all the iDevices that Pebble supports,” the team writes in its announcement of the feature.

“If you haven’t upgraded to iOS 6, don’t worry too much! – Pebble provides a ton of features with iOS 5 including incoming caller ID, music control, downloadable watchfaces, app integration. Right now, notifications like email, calendar alerts and SMS do not get sent to Pebble if you have iOS 5.”

Final Colors for Pebble

Alongside showing off full support for both SMS and iMessage alerts on the smartwatch, Eric and his team have tonight also published photos of the finalized color choices for the watch’s front plate – (an aspect of the design the company has been working on for weeks to get right). You can see high-resolution versions of all the photos shown above, (and more)right here.

Pebble finishes its update tonight by adding it will unfortunately not be getting Pebble out the door in time for Christmas, but has offered up a high-resolution holiday photo card which it says you can print as way of “compensation.”

Unfortunately we will not be able to ship out Pebble in time for the holidays. As a tiny act of compensation, we’d like to offer you this little holiday card.”

“I know it’s not a Pebble,” writes Migicovsky, “but I do hope that you can tell from these updates that we’re quickly moving towards the moment when Pebble will finally be on your wrist.”

You can read Update 25 for yourself over on Kickstarter.