Tidbit: Tweetbot Receives Minor UI Update On iPhone/iPad


Hitting the App Store just moments ago, Tapbots has today pushed out a minor update to its popular Twitter client for iOS, Tweetbot, which focuses on improving the client’s user interface.

Little details on what aspects of the client’s UI have been updated in this version are known at this point, with the app’s official changelog simply stating the update contains “various UI fixes.”

Tweetbot orginally saw its App Store debut on April 14, 2011, bringing with it its highly-unique “robot”-like interface, smart gestures – (for enhanced, fine-tuned control of your Twitter reading experience), and customizable navigation.

Those looking to try the client today will find Tweetbot sitting in the App Store for $2.99. Those who own Apple’s iPad should also check out Tweetbot for iPad – which consequentially also includes the same various UI changes.

Version: 2.8.7
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Version: 2.8.6
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