Audiobus – A “Revolutionary” New Way To Mix And Create Music On iPhone

Audiobus – A “Revolutionary” New Way To Mix And Create Music On iPhone

Up until today, we’ve seen a whole variety of apps which claim to be mobile music studios in themselves. From Loopy, to Studio.M, Beatmaker and even Apple’s own Garageband — its a category of apps which is fundamentally aiming to ‘reinvent’ the way we create music.

And, whilst each of the aforementioned apps are impressive on their own, just imagine if you could use the power that these types of apps offer – together – in a collaborative and truly seamless way.

Cue, Audiobus.

Describing itself as a “revolutionary new inter-app audio routing system,” Audiobus is unique in the sense that it allows you to plug-in different available music creation apps as if they were physical input devices – just like virtual cables.

For example, you can start drumming in one app, and have a metronome running in another, all the while adding beats in another, and mixing up after-effects in another. Audiobus keeps track of everything you’re doing, ensuring the result sounds just as you intended.

“You’ve never before been able to use your apps together like this.”

With a growing list of supported apps, you can get started with Audiobus today and take advantage of the music-creation abilities of Rebirth for iPad, JamUp, JamUp Pro, NLog Synth Pro, NLog MIDI Synth, Sunrizer, Loopy, Loopy HD, SoundPrism Pro, MultiTrack DAW, Sir Sampleton and FunkBox – each of which now carry plug-in support for A Tasty Pixel’s true iOS music studio.

Allowing you select a different groups of apps to act as your “Input,” “Effects” and “Output,” at its most basic level, Audiobus does something we’ve not seen performed before by any other app available for Apple’s iOS platform. It allows you, as the musician, DJ, or beatmaker, to mix sounds and effects from all different places into one main project, without ever having to worry about timing.

It’s a one-app powerhouse for the music creator, and one we definitely recommend you check out if dropping beats is your bag. Audiobus supports iPhone, iPod touch and iPad – universally, and weighs in at just 3.4 MB.

Get it on the App Store today, for $9.99.

Version: 2.0.2
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