‘Fieldrunners 2’ Updates With Festive Weapon Towers, New Items, (and More!)

‘Fieldrunners 2’ Updates With Festive Weapon Towers, New Items, (and More!)

Fans of Subatomic’s Fieldrunners series will likely be pleased to hear that the explosive action title has this week received its first update since version 1.2 of the game originally hit the wires back in October.

Building upon its already addictive gameplay, Fieldrunners 2 1.4 packs some serious festive explosives, bringing with it two brand-new weapon towers, a whole bunch of new items, and, of course — bug fixes!

Now on sale throughout the holiday period, down from its original price of $2.99 to land at its limited-time price of just $0.99, holiday players who download Fieldrunners 2 1.4 will now find both the Polymorph Tower and Napalm Tower available for planting, with those who download the game today able to get their hands on the first of those absolutely FREE.

In addition, the new update now features a variety of festive-themed items for you to use to your defensive advantage. These include: Santa Strikean explosive item designed to wreak total havoc on any unfortunate soul that gets in its path, the Frostinatorwhich will freeze your enemies on the spot, the Superpack(includes 3 Santas, 3 Rewinds, 3 Frostinators), and finally, the Ultrapack(includes 9 Freezes, 9 Fires, 9 Flus).

Topping this update off, Subatomic is also including a number of fixes for how the game interfaces with Apple’s iCloud service, as well as fix which will now see the resolution of the game itself automatically adjust to avoid potential memory issues.

Fieldrunners 2 1.4 is a FREE update for all of you out there who may already own Subatomic’s explosively-addictive tower-defense title, with those of you yet to discover the game able to snag your copy today, for $0.99(limited-time).

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