iPhone 5S With Built-In Pico Projector – [CONCEPT]

iPhone 5S With Built-In Pico Projector – [CONCEPT]

Long has it been rumored that Apple may one day put a mobile projector into its mobile devices. The most likely situation that is thought may happen is the company will choose to include a ‘Pico’ projector unit into a future iteration of its highly-popular iPhone.

The most notable report in this regard was one in August, which suggested Apple had officially become the administrative contact for ApplePico.com.

Taking this concept to the max, French technology blog nowhereelse.fr this week relays a visual depiction of what Apple including one of these projectors into its future mobile devices may look like. Using the iPhone as an example, the 3D concept shows how Apple may choose to incorporate a slide out “stand” into the iPhone’s actual hardware design, facilitating the smartphone to stand up by itself in an angled position.


From here, a user would then theoretically be able to project whatever their iOS device was currently showing onto the nearest physical surface. A separate concept posted by the site details how such methods could also be used to project images from an external monitor, and may even, (in some instances), be able to provide the user with a fully-functional, virtually-projected QWERTY keyboard, (alongside a multitouch navigation area), using the iPhone as an intermediary.

The video above should give you a good idea of the concept proposed.[/sociallocker]

Will it happen? … Who knows. But, it’s damn cool.

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