Briefly: One In Every 4 American Adults Now Owns A Tablet – [STATS]

Publishing the results of a survey it recently conducted across the country earlier this year, The Pew Research Center says that one in every four American adults is now thought to own a tablet device of some kind.

“In January of 2012, 45 Million U.S adults owned tablets,” the report reads. “By August, the number had risen to 59 Million, or 25 percent of the adult population. That represents growth of 32 percent in just 8-months.”

In the same period, the company reveals, the number of U.S. smartphone owners grew at a more modest 15-percent to 117 Million. Today’s report follows on from Monday‘s report in which it was suggested that Apple’s share of the U.S smartphone market had surpassed 50-percent for the fist-time, ever.

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