Tidbit: Over Half Of Christmas Day Mobile Device Activations Were Tablets

Tidbit: Over Half Of Christmas Day Mobile Device Activations Were Tablets

Following app revenue increasing by as much as 70-percent on Christmas Day itself, a new report by mobile analytics firm Flurry now suggests that just over half of all the mobile devices activated during that same 24-hour period were tablets, versus smartphones.


In what could be a tell-tale sign of things to come, the results of the company’s research showed that in the weeks leading up to the big day, (specifically, December 1-20), smartphone activations were king, with the small handheld computers reflecting 80% of total activations for the period. Tablets, on the other hand, reflected just 20% of those same activations.

On Christmas Day, however, the percentage of tablet activations soared, with 51% of mobile activations recorded by the company coming from new tablet owners, versus 49% from new smartphone owners.

According to the firm, mobile activations were overall up more than double compared to Christmas Day 2011, with activations the firm saw on December 25 alone reflecting an increase of 332-percent.


Delving a little deeper, Apple’s iPad was said to have made up most of the tablet activations during the 24-hour period and leading up to Christmas Day itself, with Amazon and its 7-inch Kindle Fire HD said to have shown a “several thousand percent” increase over previous baseline user activation figures.

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