Tidbit: Here’s To 2012 – [VIDEO]

Tidbit: Here’s To 2012 – [VIDEO]

As we count down the last hour of 2012, we wanted to share this awesome video originally posted by Google. It documents the highs, and the lows … the extraordinary, and the sad … the wonderful, and the stuff of history that made up the 12-months that we are about to leave behind.

From the 43-year-old former military parachutist, Felix Baumgartner, becoming the first human to free-fall from the edge of space, to the London Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Presidential Debates, PSY’s Gangnam Style, the SpaceX CRS-1 launch to the International Space Station, NASA’s Curiosity Rover successfully landing on the surface of Mars, the marvel that was the discovery of the ‘Higgs Boson’ “God” particle, the first cures for HIV, the devastation left behind by Hurricane Sandy (and more).

2012 was quite a year.

Here’s to 2013

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