Your Next iMac Could Arrive With Super-Fast 802.11AC Wireless

Your Next iMac Could Arrive With Super-Fast 802.11AC Wireless

Hours after it claimed it had the skinny on log references relating to iOS 7 and Apple’s next-generation iPhone, The Next Web is out with yet another report this afternoon in which it claims Apple’s next refresh to its all-in-one iMac will see the desktop solution gain super-fast “5G” wireless.

Called ‘Giga Wi-Fi,’ the site claims that – (according to ‘sources familiar with Apple’s plans’) – the company will likely take advantage of Broadcom’s 802.11AC wireless architecture, which it highlights would provide users with “a much-needed boost” in network performance.

802.11ac is often referred to as 5G WiFi, offering faster throughput, higher capacity, wider coverage and improved power efficiency. Products offering 802.11n connectivity (found in most consumer electronics) provide connections up to 450Mbps with three antennas, while 802.11ac equivalents start at 450Mbps for one antennae and are capable of almost tripling its predecessor with 1.3Gbps throughput via three antennas.

The chip is “still in development” according to the report, and it is unclear if such super-fast wireless will reach other products in the company’s line-up, (such as the iPhone, iPod, Apple TV etc.) before this year is out.

The report does, however, note that – if everything goes to plan – Broadcom’s 802.11AC wireless networking architecture should show up in Apple’s 2013 iMac refresh, later this year.

/ 9to5Mac (h/t)