Briefly: Apple Investigating New “Touch On Display” Screen Technology? – [UPDATED]

Briefly: Apple Investigating New “Touch On Display” Screen Technology? – [UPDATED]

The China Times is out with an interesting report tonight, in which it suggests that Apple could be investigating ways to make the end performance of the multitouch display panels used in the production of its iPhone, even more responsive and fluid than they are today.

According to the report, the Cupertino, CA company is said to have begun research into a new, emerging display technology, aptly referred to internally as “Touch on Display” (TOD). The new displays are said to be being developed in an under-the-radar partnership with Chimel Innolux CorporationTaiwan‘s largest supplier of LCD panels for mobile devices.


One reason put forward to explain why Apple may be looking to improve the technology it uses to power the displays found on its mobile devices, is the report’s own claim that the current “in-cell technology” used by the display found on Apple’s iPhone 5 may sometimes return slow response speeds to the user, making (for example) games which require the user to rapid-swipe an often laggy experience.

MacRumors adds to the brief report by citing the display units themselves are said to be 0.5mm in thickness, with the new displays’ main benefits being the use of “improved optical performance” and enhanced stability.

The report concludes by highlighting that a screen powered by this new “Touch On Display” technology is likely to make its public appearance with the launch of the next iteration of Apple’s iPhone (thought to be the “iPhone 5S”)later this year.


Below is a video, (shared by AppleInsider), which aims to show the reported “laggy” nature of Apple’s current “in-cell” mobile displays.