Forbes Magazine. Now Available On Newsstand.

Forbes Magazine. Now Available On Newsstand.

Newsstand – an Apple-designed app originally introduced in October 2011 that, when opened, displays a visual shelf directly on a user’s homescreen, (similar in design to iBooks), allowing them to choose which digital newspaper or print publication they wish to read on their smartphone or tablet, is this weekend welcoming a new title to its shelves.

Forbes Magazine.

A publication which needs little introduction to those who work in the enterprise, Forbes is an American print business magazine owned by Forbes, Inc that features original articles on finance, industry, investing, and other topics. The magazine’s current Editor-in-Chief is Steve Forbes, and, (according to Wikipedia), as of June 2012 there were a total of 923,848 copies of the magazine in circulation.

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In its newly available Newsstand Edition, every issue of the magazine is delivered electronically, along with expanded coverage and content including video, photo galleries, commentary, and social streams. You get one-tap access to Forbes‘ database of in-depth information on people, companies, and places, alongside unique clipping tools that allow you to easily share content across your social networks.

Forbes calls the magazine a “completely integrated environment” in which you can “seamlessly move between the latest issue of Forbes magazine and without ever leaving the app.”

To access all of the above, however, you’ll have to pay. Subscriptions to the magazine start at $5.99 per issue. If you’re a regular reader of Forbes you may wish to opt for a 30-day subscription, which will set you back just $2.99.

If you want monthly updates from the digital publication throughout the year, you’ll quickly find yourself $29.99 lighter – (per annum).

Download Forbes Magazine on Newsstand.

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