PlanetBeing: iOS 6.0.2 Untethered Jailbreak For iPhone 5 Is Complete. Here’s Why It’s Not Available Yet.

PlanetBeing: iOS 6.0.2 Untethered Jailbreak For iPhone 5 Is Complete. Here’s Why It’s Not Available Yet.

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iJailbreak this morning relays comments originally made by the iPhone hacker known as “PlanetBeing” (@PlanetBeing), citing that the jailbreaker has claimed the iOS 6.0.2 “Untethered” jailbreak method that so many in the community have been waiting on, is – in factfinished.

Referencing the recent worldwide trending of the hashtag #WeWantAnOpeniOS on Twitter as not a sign of defeat by the jailbreak community and those who operate in it, but rather a wake-up call aimed at Apple to push the company to listen to its users, the report continues by re-publishing comments made by the hacker on this Reddit thread.


The fact is, I have an untethered iOS 6.0.2 JB running on my iPhone 5 right now. The reasons it’s not released are because 1. releasing it would burn an exploit we want to save for ourselves so we can always get in to look at new firmware and help JB in the future, 2. iOS 6.1 is coming very soon and will likely break a small part of it anyway, there’s no point in sacrificing the many bugs it won’t break.

The hacker continues, adding that, although the process of jailbreak is technically getting “harder,” (largely due to Apple’s own software-based efforts to try and prevent such methods from being used by its users), reports of the jailbreak’s death are “highly exaggerated.”

Anyway, where there are 4+ bugs (that it took to get this to work), there’s gotta be one or two more. So, while jailbreaking is getting harder, reports of its death are highly exaggerated.

This is not stuff I want to say over Twitter with 140 characters because I’m afraid of starting some sort of riot, but I like the smaller /r/jailbreakcommunity more.

“PlanetBeing” was among the first people in the world to discover a software exploit which ultimately led to the jailbreaking of Apple’s iPhone 4 in July of 2010. The iPhone hacker has since worked closely to bring a number of other notable jailbreak methods to life, which – in turn – have allowed users around the globe to further personalize their iOS devices.

You can read the Reddit thread in question – over here.

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