Weekend Fun: Introducing, “Debate Of The Week.” Opinion Polls, Every Week.

Weekend Fun: Introducing, “Debate Of The Week.” Opinion Polls, Every Week.

As most of you who have already read our rundown of “What’s New in RazorianFly 6.0” will know, at the very beginning of this month we launched a brand new, super-visual polling system, which hopefully allows you to better interact with the site, as well as showing us how you feel about all the different subjects and topics our team writes about on a constant basis.

We feel polls are a great way to gauge reader opinion on a certain topic or subject. That’s why this weekend we thought we’d have a little fun with the new feature, by announcing the launch of Debate Of The Week.

Available immediately at razorianfly.com/vote, DOTW will be updated every week with a different, thought-provoking, wacky, (or sheer hilarious), two-choice question.

Separate from the in-article polls we’ll run from time-to-time, this debate will either be chosen by us, or hand-picked from one of the many reader-submitted two-choice poll suggestions we have received that week by our mdoerators, and will allow one vote per IP address.

Of course, we’ll be sure to remind you when the Debate Of The Week changes every Saturday, like clockwork. In order to ensure you don’t miss out on any debate we run you can follow our brand-new “DOTW” RSS feed.

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The best part? – the two choices you submit to us don’t have to be Apple related. Heck, they don’t have to be tech-related if you don’t want them to be, (as long as they’re clean). Frogs or Badgers? … Cheese or Chocolate? … Megan Fox or Katie Price?(you get the picture).

Alrighty. Let’s get this thing started! …

To kick things off: Apple or Samsung?