A Quick Word On Search

A Quick Word On Search

With the launch of our site redesign at the beginning of this month, we aimed to build upon what we had learnt since launching RazorianFly 5.0. We designed our content slider to be more intuitive, now allowing you to manually swipe between our 5 most recently featured articles. We also introduced a new polling system, and social features to better help you interact with the site.

However, there was still something missing.

We’ve always given you the ability to search our archives, but the way in which you did this previously was a little clunky. There was no real way for the site to provide you with real-time results based on your search query.


Today, that changes. Starting now you can use our new “Instant Search” engine to search the entire site. From articles to tags, categories and pages. To begin, you just start typing the first few letters of what you’re looking for.

Taking advantage of a similar algorithm to what Google currently uses in its own search engine, we’ll now parse your search query and return matching tags, categories and pages, alongside showing you the top 5 articles based on your search – without you even having to hit enter.

In the event those results aren’t what you’re looking for, you can hit “Enter,” (or “Go” on mobile), to be taken to our normal search results page, where (based on your search) you’ll find an entire archive of articles relating to your search.


Mobile-friendly, we feel its the missing piece to RazorianFly 6.0 and we really hope you find it useful. You can send your valued feedback about the new feature to us at tips[at]razorianfly.com.