‘Keycard’ Locks Your Mac When Your iOS Device (Or Tablet) Moves Out Of Range

‘Keycard’ Locks Your Mac When Your iOS Device (Or Tablet) Moves Out Of Range

Launching today, Keycard by Appuous Inc is a new application which is designed to lock your desktop (or portable) Mac whenever your iOS device is detected to be going out of range.

It works on Bluetooth® technology by connecting to your iPhone and creating an invisible thread between both your smartphone and your Mac. Keycard then detects when you’re leaving your desk, office, or room and automatically locks your computer to ensure it’s safe and secure.

Keycard allows you to pair your iPhone or other Bluetooth® enabled device with your Mac to lock and unlock your computer. [...] When you come back it unlocks—magically. You can also lock it by sliding the lock button, but we think that’s a lot less cool.

And it’s not just iPhones.

In fact, the company notes that Keycard can be used with “a whole smorgasbord” of Bluetooth®-enabled devices. So, if your smartphone (or tablet) does happen to have Bluetooth built-in, the likelihood is it’ll work with Keycard — and, (in the event you lose your iPhone whilst it is out of range of your connected Mac, or it runs out of charge), Keycard also allows you to set a custom 4-digit pin as a fail safe.


If you’re interested, our friends at 9to5Mac have a full review of Keycard up this weekend. Keycard is available on the Mac App Store today, for $6.99.

Find out more at Keycardapp.com.

Version: 1.2
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