This iOS Platformer Rocks It “Gangnam Style”

This iOS Platformer Rocks It “Gangnam Style”

Managing to rocket South Korean singer, songwriter, rapper, dancer, and record producer, Park Jae-sang(known commonly as “PSY”) – to stardom almost overnight, with its addictive beat and crazy dance moves to go with, “Gangnam Style” became one of the charts top tracks in 2012.

… And it appears even Apple’s App Store didn’t manage to evade the song’s addictive, almost hypnotic nature.

Released by Voon(an Argentina-based 2D and 3D game design studio) – yesterday, Gangnam Style City is perhaps the most hilarious iOS platformer you’ll play this weekend. Using pixel-art to draw you in, you’ll play “PSY” as you rock it “Gangnam Style” and attempt to collect and earn coins as you … well, gallop like a horse, really.

Just like the platformer games you know and love, Gangnam Style City will see you running and jumping over the tops of buildings, scaffolding, and more.


As the pace quickens and you go into “Gangnam Style”-overdrive, you’ll even get to ride a bike, drive a car, and fly your own private jet. PSY’s running will ultimately get faster with each building or object you manage to successfully land on, and so with every passing second, Gangnam Style City will be testing out both your reflexes and reaction time to the absolute limit.

Did we mention Gangnam Style City is FREE for a (very) limited time?

For those who feel like they’ve just entered a parallel universe

Version: 1.1
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